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How To - Alert a BlackBerry smartphone user from a Background application

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Communication and Collaboration in 2020: Inside UC’s Faster Future

Appliances such as smartphones and their advanced features – from keyboards to touch-screen – have revolutionized the world of collaboration and communication in a few short years. So what will it be like in the future?

In this E-Guide from, we take a trip to the year 2020 in an attempt to uncover how unified communications and collaboration (UCC) will evolve and what it will mean for your organization. View now to learn more!

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  • Smarter, connected meeting spaces

    Mobile technology, from laptops to tablets and smartphones, provides any employee with information at their fingertips, but the real value of information comes from sharing and working with others – collaboration.

    Bringing what is now a diversity of devices into meeting rooms means trying to connect to various screens and projectors and often sharing with remote participants. This is rarely simple, more often becoming a mess of connectors, cables, projector setup and application complexity.

    All too often, time is wasted or help has to be called in to set something up – leading to delays and, ultimately, costs. It does not need to be like this.

  • How digital signage improves CX for banks

    Customers visiting banking branches are impressed by digital signage. 87% of customers say a retail bank with financial digital signage is trustworthy. 90% consider that bank is experienced. And 86% of those customers are likely to recommend what they’ve seen to friends and family.


    Learn more about the positive impact of digital display screens on the retail customer experience.

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  • How to make surveys more accessible

    In the past, the Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness (PDRIB) struggled to collect feedback from its users in an accessible way, resulting in lower quality data and decreased survey completion rates. Thankfully, things have changed. In this report, learn how PDRIB used Alchemer to make their surveys accessible for any user.


  • IT in Europe - May 2012

    While network access control (NAC) technology seemed to disappear into the great beyond just a year ago, it is ready to resurface with a vengeance. However, the technology will need to resurge with better controls, especially as the consumerisation of IT and bring your own device (BYOD) trends overtake the enterprise.


  • 5 tips for working securely from home

    Employees working remotely click on phishing emails 3 times more often than employees working from the office, according to a recent report. Open this white paper to learn 5 key tips for working securely from home.


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    In what seems like the blink of an eye, Microsoft Teams has become the go-to for voice, video and collaboration in the enterprise. In this infographic, uncover a breakdown of that trajectory.


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  • Focus: Desktop virtualisation and mobility

    In this guide, we take a close look at how a number of CIO from a wide range of industries have sought to address the demand for mobile working within their organisations, and the technologies they have deployed to ensure data security and access is maintained at all times.


  • The value of assessment programs in hiring and promoting the right talent

    Acquiring and promoting the right talent to the right titles allow companies to capitalize on their greatest asset — their employees. Download this whitepaper to discover the role of selection assessment programs in hiring, retaining, and promoting top talent.


  • One startup uses AI to improve breast cancer detection

    Download this case study to learn how AI is improving the level of patient care delivered for breast cancer patients while improving the day-to-day lives of doctors and healthcare professionals.


  • Mobile Device Data Protection: Key Findings and Players in the Market

    This E-Guide explores the risks associated with BYOD and quantifies the costs of a lost device, from both a cost and security standpoint.


  • A real-world guide to building production-ready services

    In this massive 196-page O’Reilly guide, find everything you need to know about building serverless applications with Google Cloud Run. Download this real-world guide to building production-ready services here.


  • New CRM Technologies bring sales success to businesses

    In [this expert e-guide], read about how one emergency response software company integrated a CRM platform, resulting in major time-saving efficiencies – most importantly, an improved process that enables the company to sell product licensing. Also read about a lumber executive who recently bought into a successful social CRM.


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  • How the NBA & WNBA managed complexity associated with the 2020 season

    Read this brief case study to see how ServiceNow helped the NBA and WNBA keep players, staff and families safe during the 2020 season, with their Safe Workplace Suite, CSM solution, and HR service delivery platform.


  • Mobile device controls: MDM security features vs. mobile native security

    When it comes to implementing mobile device management (MDM), not all organizations are the same. Read on to learn how to choose the right approach to MDM for your organization.


  • PCI Council issues mobile application rules for software developers

    The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has demanded the development of mobile applications that include comprehensive security controls. This expert resource will help you understand what the new guidelines call for in terms of security controls, the history behind these standards, and further developments.


  • Information Security Magazine - May 2012

    Access this month’s issue to uncover strategies for taming the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) tide. In addition, explore other featured topics including VMware’s security partner program revamp, four keys to data loss prevention (DLP) success, top considerations for information security career recruitment and more.


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    In this expert guide, you’ll learn some common mistakes made by today’s organizations when it comes to identity and access management (IAM) on mobile devices. You’ll also find tips for managing mobile authentication methods and setting mobile policies.


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    The recent pandemic has shown how quickly long-standing business models can be upended. Success now requires faster, more agile execution with more automation delivered through software applications—and the low-code approach to process automation is doing just that. Explore how here.


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