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Novell and Intel: The Next Chapter of Co-Innovation

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Unix to Linux migrations: How to overcome pitfalls while increasing ROI

If you’re organization is considering a switch to Linux, it’s important to get the most value out of your migration. This expert e-guide presents top considerations for making the switch and how you can evaluate the potential ROI of a UNIX to Linux migration. Learn how to overcome common migration pitfalls and achieve benefits like elimination of yearly licensing fees, easier updates and more.

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  • Expert Best Practices: Using Linux for Data Center Consolidation

    Why is Linux the best option for data center consolidation? Our experts answer this question and provide the top advantages of using Linux in a data center consolidation project. Access this e-guide to learn how you can more effectively meet the goals of your consolidation project, like lowering power and cooling costs and improving overall server workload utilization. Also inside, the top Linux server consolidation tools are reviewed.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to microservers and hyperscale computing

    The use of modular or containerised server systems is increasing across the IT industry. In this 10-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at how organisations are moving away from bricks-and-mortar datacentres running multiple servers, storage and network devices to seek out the advantages offered by these pre-designed, fully functioning engineered systems.


    • What It problems can a micro-datacentre solve?

    • Intel is making waves in the growing microserver market

    • Choosing chips for next-generation datacentres

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  • VDI on HCI at Scale

    When increasing user demands tax the underlying VDI hardware, desktop responsiveness can slow, causing frustrating delays. This benchmark report details configurations which support up to 87% more virtual desktop users for compelling ROI with robust performance. Download the report to learn more.


  • SAP HANA migration: Simplify the process with Red Hat & Intel

    Download this white paper to learn how Red Hat and Intel can help you accelerate your SAP migration by providing better data access, more accurate insights, and improved agility to support evolving business demands.


  • Support your SAP systems and digital business needs with Red Hat

    Read this datasheet to discover how to support your digital business needs, provide faster data access for users, and realize more accurate insights by evolving your SAP systems with Red Hat.


  • Start modernizing SAP on AWS

    Dive into this eBook, Optimize Your SAP Environment from AWS to find fresh insights and practical strategies for achieving successful SAP migration and optimization with AWS powered by 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.


  • How SMBs can overcome the barriers to cloud adoption

    Read this datasheet to examine a private cloud service from IONOS that gives customers a spectrum of price and performance options to choose from and with which teams can use their existing tools and experience for a more turnkey cloud adoption.


  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): How to Scale and Optimize for Today's Realities

    The business imperative to equip your workforce with the ability to work from remote locations as part of your business resiliency strategy has never been more urgent. In this solution brief by VMware and Intel, find out how diverse organizations around the world have successfully implemented virtual desktop solutions.


  • 3 benefits of HPC and key considerations

    Read on to learn how tapping into HPC fosters success in beating the competition, meeting the demands of increased regulation, and tightening staffing levels.


  • Under the hood of the ThinkAgile HX series

    Jump into this white paper to learn how a new hyper-converged platform from Lenovo and Nutanix aims to streamline data center infrastructure, reducing TCO, increasing infrastructure reliability, and ultimately enabling ubiquitous virtualization across the entire infrastructure stack.


  • Top 10 storage stories of 2018

    Probably the most prominent trend in 2018 has been cloud storage, which has palpably matured around hybrid and multicloud strategies, with key developments in file systems and service offerings. Alongside that, virtualisation continues to be a key trend, and Flash Storage is maturing. In this E-guide, discover the top 10 storage stories in 2018.


  • Benefits of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

    Organizations enjoying the benefits of the software-defined data center transformation, including increased agility, scalability, and security, can seek those same benefits for load balancing with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. Download this brief to learn more.


  • It's hyper converged-with-everything in today's datacentre

    In this e-guide we look at the key hyper-converged vendors and their products, as well as hyper-converged tailored to disaster recovery, backup, cloud functionality, and the software-defined hyper-converged products available.


  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server family overview: Tech, specs, and more details

    In this comprehensive resource, get a bird’s eye view of the Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server product family to learn the use cases, technical distinctions, and features of each model server available.


  • How to accelerate your path to the private cloud

    Access this data sheet to dive into the specifications of this hyper-converged solution that offers advanced SDS capabilities and is , tailored for high performance computing and private cloud environments.


  • Technical review: FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX2550M5

    Inside this 10-page technical overview, get the facts about the Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX2550M5, a sophisticated dual socket tower server constructed using the latest technology to deliver high levels of workload versatile performance, expandability, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Pre-configured stack eliminates manual infrastructure assembly

    This data sheet highlights the Intel Data Center Blocks solution, pre-configured with essential hardware and software components, and pre-validated to accelerate time to deployment. Download your copy to view 8 key technologies included in the stack and to learn the benefits it could bring to your company.


  • Streamline cloud deployment with Intel Data Center Blocks HCI

    Download this e-book for an in-depth look at an HCI solution, Intel Data Center Blocks for VMware vSAN, which is designed to streamline on-premises cloud storage deployments while optimizing resource utilization.


  • 4 key benefits of Intel Data Center Blocks for Cloud

    The following resource spotlights the Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud solution that can simplify your on-premises cloud storage infrastructure deployments. Read on for further information on key benefits and competitive differentiators.


  • Intel Data Center Blocks: Your on-ramp to private cloud

    Want to accelerate your path to the private cloud, and reap the agility, scalability, and TCO of similar deployments? Check out this infographic from Arrow Electronics, which explains how Intel’s Data Center Blocks for cloud ensure optimal cloud performance and provide a simple means of streamlining your private cloud adoption.


  • Refresh your hardware

    In this e-guide, read more about the adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure across the region, the benefits of device-as-a-service offerings in managing employee and endpoint devices, as well as what you can do to extend the lifespan of your hardware.


  • How to secure your big data

    In this white paper, explore the results of the various performance benchmarks run by the Vormetric Product Development team on a reference Hadoop configuration secured with Vormetric Transparent Encryption.


  • M4 mono-socket server features, listed

    Inside, get a closer look a the M4 Mono-socket server fleet from Fujitsu and the key features from model to model.


  • HPC needs to scale-up: Here’s why

    As HPC problems grow in size and diversity, the right HPC solutions equip research, development, and security teams to meet current and future requirements. Inside this brochure, learn about HPE’s unique scale-up HPC architecture, HPE Superdome Flex.


  • The true business value of HPC, explained

    Hyperion Research, one of the top High Performance Computing (HPC) industry analysts, highlights the key value and ROI opportunities for businesses moving to HPC. Read this analyst paper to learn why organizations like your own are turning towards HPC.


  • Why network virtualization is poised to further modernize network infrastructure

    Network virtualization is poised to play a valuable role in helping further modernize network infrastructure. In this IDC white paper, examine how VMware and Intel have worked together to deliver network virtualization capabilities that leverage software and hardware innovation to provide a wide range of benefits to enterprises.


  • Lenovo breaks ground on composable private cloud platform

    Last year, Lenovo added a newer, smaller partner to the mix when it launched ThinkAgile CP Series powered by software from startup Cloudistics. So what does Cloudistics bring to the partnership and how does the offer compare to others on the market? Read the following vendor-agnostic TechTarget e-guide to see for yourself.


  • Keep your SAP services up and running with SUSE

    To help ensure your SAP services are always up and running, you need an infrastructure specifically designed to support them. Learn about SUSE’s SAP server, and how it provides the always-on environment you need in this product brief.


  • Solve complex AI/analytics problems with 3 features from Dell EMC

    Access this e-book to learn about Dell Technologies’ solutions and Consulting Services and how they can help organizations develop their modern data analytics and AI platforms, streamline workflows, and unlock your data’s value.


  • Solve the security puzzle with end-to-end security solutions

    Download this “Mid-market end-to-end security e-guide” to learn how Dell Technologies can enable your digital transformation with comprehensive security solutions covering: Trusted devices, trusted infrastructure, trusted data and end-to-end services


  • Doing embedded Linux the smart way

    Linux offers powerful advantages for embedded developers, but you also need to avoid some common misperceptions to succeed.


  • American School of Milan utilizes PCaaS: Here’s why

    With only three full-time IT staff supporting a community of more than 1,600 students and faculty, the American School of Milan (ASM) in Milan, Italy needed a more efficient way to deliver the technology that powers teaching and learning. Learn how ASM utilized PCaaS as a solution.


  • S/4HANA migration: 10 reasons to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Check out this infographic for 10 reasons you should run S/4HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions.


  • HCI edges out competition to handle 40% more VMs

    What if you could achieve to 55% lower storage latency? Support more IOPS to manage larger workloads? Handle up to 40% more VMs and transactions? Read this infographic to learn how it's possible with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).


  • The future of SAP ECC - Make an informed decision about your ERP roadmap

    Standard support is being extended to 2027, while SAP will continue to offer extended support until 2030, in a bid to get businesses to migrate to S/4 Hana. Should you run legacy business software for 15 more years? Following SAP's decision to extend ECC support, that is a question many CIOs will ask.


  • How to run your AI workloads more efficiently

    To run effective AI and data initiatives, you need to have the infrastructure to back it up. Read about the HPE ProLiant server to see how it offers the right capabilities for AI inferencing with excellent throughput and latency, all while NVIDIA GPUs provide accelerated compute.


  • Migrating to SAP S/4HANA? You might be ready, but are your servers?

    As the end of service life for legacy SAP approaches, companies are considering the realities of migrating to S/4HANA. As you do, you might find your company’s servers are outdated and will cause more storage and control issues than you are expecting. Read this report to see how that can affect your migration plan, and what solutions are available.


  • E-Book: Virtualizing Your Infrastructure - Selecting Server Hardware for Virtualization

    Choosing the right server hardware to maximize virtualization benefits is an important investment. To gain the high consolidation ratios you're after, you need powerful-enough hardware to support your workloads and applications. In this expert ebook, explore the hardware consideration to keep in mind as you virtualize.


  • How does cloud computing alleviate data center pressure?

    Only 31% of IT decision-makers surveyed said that they had a repeatable, optimised or managed strategy in place. Take a look at this vendor-neutral buyer's guide to see how the experts are predicting cloud computing will impact your data center in the next 3 years.


  • Dell PowerEdge MX vs. Cisco USC

    Click inside to access the results and methodologies of a series of testing runs comparing the latest additions to the Dell PowerEdge MX lineage again Cisco’s USC modular hardware offerings.


  • Inside HCI's impact on high-performance databases

    Check out the following paper to dive deeper into HCI's impact on high-performance databases and to view Lenovo solutions powered by Intel Xeon processors that can fulfill the needs of SAP database environments.


  • How to use VDI security to block cyberattacks

    In this 12-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at Microsoft's latest Windows release, the state of play in the battlebetween Linux and Unix, and the future of the server operating system.


  • The convergence of AI and HPC, explained

    Inside this solution overview, learn about Dell EMC’s cutting-edge HPC Research platform designed to combine the capabilities of high-performance computing alongside AI.


  • 5 ways to ensure the right workstation choice

    Different workloads have different computing requirements – and workload requirements will vary significantly across your organization’s workforce. Use this paper for guidance on how to select the right workstations per workload for your organization.


  • How Lenovo Solutions enables productivity for SMBs

    Check out this solution guide to learn how Lenovo Solutions for SMBs can help you save time and improve workforce focus, efficiency, and productivity to ultimately drive a more positive employee experience.


  • 4 pragmatic methods to kick-start your IT modernization initiatives

    There are several core approaches you can take to advance your IT modernization efforts, which this white paper closely examines. Read on to view these four pragmatic methods for structuring your initiatives, as well as discover a viable first step for your modernization path: UNIX-to-Linux migration.


  • How HCI improves SQL Server 2019 performance

    This white paper describes the benefits of scaling multiple SQL Server OLTP databases on Dell EMC R640 vSAN Ready Nodes while maintaining high performance. Read on to learn how your company could benefit from this configuration, as well as to see an overview of solution components, scalability tests for SQL Server 2019, and more.


  • Sophisticated dual-socket computing: Get a closer look

    Learn more about the FUJITSU PRIMERGY TX2550 M5, a dual-socket tower server designed to be a workload-versatile, memory flush, and highly secured solution for enterprises of all sizes and all industries.


  • Compact, silent mono-socket server for SMBs

    Inside, take a closer look at the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1320 M4, an advanced, ultra-compact, silent mono-socket server, ideal for classic small and medium enterprise needs.


  • Intelligent storage built for SAP HANA workloads

    Access this ESG e-book to learn about a modern infrastructure suite from Dell EMC that meets the application requirements for SAP, like reliable, scalable performance of mission-critical applications and cloud-operated models.


  • Get the Linux environment your enterprise needs

    Getting the Linux environment your enterprise needs is easier said than done. In this guide, find out how leaning on the experts can help.