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The CIO Perspective on Intel vPro Technology

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Mice & keyboards shortcut the way to wellness

As companies transition to hybrid and remote work environments, how can they help their employees feel comfortable from a distance?

Discover 3 small peripheral adjustments that make a big impact on driving companywide efforts for improved employee wellbeing in this white paper.

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    Forward thinking CIOs are establishing flexible data centers for the enterprise of the future, letting cloud computing, mobile devices, and infrastructure lead the way. 

    This special CIO edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine demonstrates how today's data center technologies are fully intertwined with business strategies. Read now to uncover why CIOs should be considering cloud computing and data center transformation as a business issue first, and a technology issue second. 

    • Confronting the data center question
    • Infrastructure and the cloud: the new strategic frontier
    • Deliberating data center investments
    • And more

  • Financial services under siege: Technology solutions for survival

    The finance industry is going through a turbulent storm full of new challenges and concerns. 84% of enterprises experienced one or more breaches in the past 12 months (Fortinet, 2023 Global Cyber Skills Gap Report), while cyber crime is predicted to inflict damages totaling $8 trillion dollars globally in 2023 (Cyber security Ventures, 2022).

    To survive this, financial services like you need to prioritize trust, security and resilience as your top 3 strategic areas to enable positive change.

    Read this eBook for a deep dive into what issues financial services organizations are facing and how technology can help you be better prepared to overcome the challenges of today and the future.

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    Almost every software organization has a set of common challenges that inhibit great customer experiences and increase costs. Adopting SRE principles and a service-level objective (SLO) strategy can help reduce these pain points. Check out IDC’s SRE blueprint to creating and fulfilling effective SLOs so you can optimize your business outcomes.


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    For several years, the primary way to implement API use cases both inside and outside the data center was through API gateways, and API management. As this technology has evolved, it has become more comprehensive. Eventually, service mesh was introduced, and one partner saw how it complimented API management use cases. Read on to learn more.


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  • How Edge Computing is Enabling the Future of Higher Ed

    Access this research content to learn why higher ed institutions expect edge computing to be key for success moving forward – from creating a competitive advantage to bridging the digital divide for students and enhancing the student experience.


  • ESG's analysts: What the data says about digital transformation in 2023

    This Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research report shines a light on the state of digital transformation in 2023 – including why digital transformation is an urgent priority today, how your peers are approaching their initiatives, how to tackle common challenges, and more.


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  • Global transport and defense leader Cubic transforms their technology

    Working for both the private sector as well as defense contracts, Cubic creates and delivers technology solutions in transportation that make people’s lives and jobs easier. Having worked with NTT before, they chose us to help them to be their managed service provider, simplifying and consolidating their systems. Read the case study to learn more.


  • Strategies for winning the battle for the policyholder

    According to recent research insurance profits fell by about 15% across the sector over the last year. This white paper examines the opportunities for insurance businesses willing to lean in on new and emerging technologies and outline the strategies that could bring success in a sector in flux. Download now to learn more.


  • Innovations to fortify IT networks in the era of big data

    To meet new customer demands for fast, secure service, more financial businesses are moving traditionally in-person processes — signatures, transactions, and entire banking operations — online. In this white paper, explore 4 critical IT needs of the financial industry and discover key technologies needed in the era of big data.


  • Education Technology Report from TheJournal

    Implementing online and remote learning is a key initiative for many educational institutions in today’s era of mobility, but they often lack the same resources as commercial organizations. Explore success stories from educational institutions across the country that have paved a path to digital transformation in this resource.


  • Optimizing enterprise bank connectivity with TIS

    Numerous connection types and channels comprise the financial technology landscape, making management a complex undertaking for treasury groups. TIS is here to help. How? By optimizing enterprise bank connectivity and financial messaging. Learn more in this white paper.


  • Higher Education & Modernization

    Technology has never played a more significant role in the higher education learning experience - both in the classroom and beyond. But the reality is, many IT teams are dealing with legacy systems and outdated infrastructure. Tap into this infographic to learn about the trends that are pushing the IT backbones of many campuses to their limits.


  • Inside Park Place’s Integrated Infrastructure Services

    Discover in this short video how Park Place Technologies can get your team started with a single source for infrastructure services, streamlining infrastructure management and keeping your team focused on what really matters.


  • IT modernization: What is it, and 6 reasons why it matters

    You know about digital transformation, but did you know that IT modernization needs be a part of that initiative? Analysts have said that IT modernization is the “north star” that businesses should move towards, but with so many challenges in the way it can be difficult. Not anymore. Read on to see 6 ways to accelerate your modernization journey.


  • How Couchbase Capella Helps Customers Lower TCO

    This e-book is a guide to the most effective ways your organization can minimize and control costs in the areas of database technology, infrastructure, data transfer fees, and operations. Read on to learn how you can leverage those strategies with a database-as-a-service solution dedicated to reducing TCO.


  • Driving Digital Transformation with Flexible IT From Dell and VMware

    Check out this TechTarget resource for a close look at 4 leading organizations that are leveraging the combined power of Dell and VMware to create real-world transformative differentiation for customers, employees, and partners.


  • How Covid-19 accelerated pharma’s road to digital transformation

    This whitepaper explores the emergence of cutting-edge AI and digital technologies into every aspect of the pharma industry in the midst of Covid-19. Read on to discover how software-led pharma companies can overcome key challenges such as preventing security breaches, maximizing ROI and reducing operation costs, and gaining supply-chain agility.


  • Accelerate software transformation across the enterprise

    By integrating cloud observability with technology service operations on a single platform, you can resolve incidents much faster across cloud-native architectures, and enable the collaboration your IT operations, SRE and DevOps teams need to thrive. Find out more in this eBook.


  • Cloud Intelligence: How to Boost Service Quality and Drive Down Ticket Volumes

    Because employees are increasingly dependent on technology and IT ecosystems are more complex than ever, the total number of service desk tickets is skyrocketing. In the last three years alone, organizations have seen a 35% increase in the total volume of support tickets. Download this e-book to learn how Zscaler can help IT teams.


  • Edge computing: Guidance for planning, budgeting & more

    Wherever you are on your edge computing journey, exploring the current state of edge can offer you insights to add to your toolbox. Based on survey results from over 1,400 security practitioners, this report examines edge computing themes and highlights key takeaways. Continue on to access guidance for bolstering your edge computing strategy.


  • 5 ways IT outsourcing can boost productivity

    Some organizations do just fine with in-house IT operations, citing a familiarity with the company’s processes and needs; but for many, the benefits of outsourcing far outweigh this familiarity. Download this white paper to explore 5 ways IT outsourcing can boost your company’s productivity.


  • Boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction with a robust ITSM

    According to Forrester’s TEI report of ServiceNow, your business should expect a 68% reduction in service maintenance tasks and a 75% productivity improvement in IT request management and incident resolution. Dive into this white paper to learn more about how ServiceNow’s ITSM platform can boost your employee and customer experiences.


  • The importance of digital transformation in higher ed

    Aging data centers and outdated systems aren’t equipped to provide a modern experience for students and faculty members. So how can you evolve out of your complex, legacy infrastructure? This e-book explores higher education trends driving modernization and the steps you can take to get there. Read on to learn more.


  • Say goodbye to tech debt with the EDGE model

    Organizations like you have built up tremendous technical debt over the years and the day of reckoning is coming if you fail to keep your IT systems and infrastructure up-to-date. Download this white paper to explore how to address this debt by applying the EDGE operating model to your business.


  • A business view of IT asset management: Current state and near-term outlook

    Minimized security risks and audit performance/accuracy topped the list when organizations were asked, “which business metrics are used to measure the success of your ITAM programs?” Dive into this report, “A business view of IT asset management: Current state and near-term outlook” to learn about how ITAM is evolving.


  • Reinventing financial services with data Securely integrated. Customer-centric. Resilient & compliant.

    The need to reinvent business and operational models in the financial services sector is urgent. Whether you’re a traditional bank, insurer, or capital market company, an open-source platform can help you take back market dominance. Access this eBook to learn how open-source platforms are already transforming financial services.


  • How can you maintain control of IT assets and costs?

    Legacy systems and unused assets draw resources away from the modern tools that could spark business-building change. But with so many siloed systems, how can you locate these budget-draining parts of your IT estate? Learn 5 steps toward curbing your spend through better software, hardware, and cloud asset management with this e-book.


  • Quick guide to supporting remote workers

    Remote workers face a host of unique challenges. Along with unpacking five of them – including the obstacle of resolving IT issues when off-premises – this white paper maps out best practices for supporting, and securing, your organization’s remote workers. Tap into the paper to access those tips.


  • Your guide to observability

    Explore this e-book to learn how to create an ideal observability solution and learn more about:Why an observability solution is essential for today’s complex applicationsApplication observabilityDatabase observabilityDigital experience observability


  • Ensuring Business Reliability and Reputation Through Service-Level Objectives

    Discover in this white paper why, instead of building their own SLO solutions in-house, many companies can benefit from working with vendors that deliver simplified, prebuilt platforms.