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Data center facilities management: Are you close to total failure?

With all of the advancements that happen inside of your data center, it's easy to forget to update facilities management strategy. Here's the thing: overheated servers and cooling failures are worse than power failures.

You need to keep track of your data center's physical needs, and there is a good chance that you are using outdated metrics.

This e-guide will help you re-evaluate your data center's physical metrics and update your facilities management strategy.

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  • TCO analysis: Cut data centre energy costs in half

    Standardized, scalable, pre-assembled, and integrated data center facility power and cooling modules provide a total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of 30% compared to traditional, built-out data center power and cooling infrastructure. Avoiding overbuilt capacity and scaling the design over time contributes to a significant percentage of the overall savings.

    This white paper provides a quantitative TCO analysis of the two architectures, and illustrates the key drivers of both the capex and opex savings of the improved architecture. Read on now to learn how to reduce your energy bill by 50% with a prefabricated data center.

  • 7 power and cooling remote monitoring trends to watch

    Power and cooling infrastructure for edge computing and data center sites hasve roughly 3 times more data points / notifications today than it did 10 years ago. Traditional remote monitoring services have been available for over 10 years but were not designed to support this amount of data monitoring and the associated alarms, let alone extract value from the data.

    Explore this paper to learn how seven trends are re-defining remote monitoring and field service dispatch service requirements and how this will lead to improvements in operations and maintenance of IT installations.

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