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Integrating cloud data for better analytics

A core driver of data value is the fact that analytics can extract real, actionable insight from the data your company accumulates every day.

But actually running analytics on that data can be difficult, as IT architectures become increasingly complex and data is stored in disparate locations and different formats.

Read this white paper to learn how to integrate cloud data for analytics, and discover innovative ways to approach crucial topics like:

  • Data lakes and warehouses
  • Data governance and compliance
  • Data accessibility
  • And more.

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  • Use data virtualization to accelerate cloud workload migration

    As organizations migrate huge parts of their data architectures to cloud environments, they’re realizing the depth of problems associated with migrating transactional and analytical systems.

    Read this Intelligent Business Strategies white paper to learn how data virtualization tools are enabling businesses to avoid redeveloping key tasks, improve data integration in a complex environment, and reduce the strain of running workloads that pull data from multiple, disparate stores and schemas.

  • Data Warehouse Automation in Azure for Dummies

    As you make the decision to move your data warehouse from on-premise to the cloud or cloud to cloud, there are many things to take into consideration. You need to take into account the differences that exist between an on- premise data warehouse and a cloud data warehouse.

    In the eBook - Data Warehouse Automation in Azure for Dummies, you can find out how a cloud data warehouse in Azure has advantages in cost, time to value, and the ability to work with real-time data across the organization for analytics.

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  • 5 Reasons Qlik and Snowflake Are Better Together: Automating the Data Warehouse for Faster Time-to-Insight

    How does Qlik’s Data Integration Platform enable Snowflake users to speed analytics projects, achieve greater agility and reduce risk – all while fully realizing the advantages of Snowflake’s cloud-built data platform? Download this eBook to find out.


  • Examining different approaches to data integration

    With IT complexity, and importance, at an all-time high, it’s important to understand how you and other businesses are approaching data integration. Read this white paper to learn the 4 main data integration patterns and how you can easily manage any of these with the Boomi Platform.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to application modernisation

    In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly investigates how organisations are approaching the modernisation, replatforming and migration of legacy applications. We look at the tools and technologies available, change management, and the use of APIs and containerisation to make legacy functionality to cloud-native applications.


  • 3 Ways to Increase Your Data Lake ROI

    To adapt – and succeed – in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises have adopted new data architectures, including data lakes. But despite the investment, the insights still aren't coming quickly enough – because traditional integration processes just can't meet the demand. Read on to learn how to overcome these roadblocks.


  • Enterprise Architect's Guide: Top 4 Strategies for Automating and Accelerating Your Data Pipeline

    How can you satisfy today’s real-time data requirements while keeping data traceable and governed? By taking advantage of four key strategies to automate and accelerate your end-to-end data pipeline. Download this eBook for an introduction to this topic.


  • 4 strategies for automating and accelerating your data pipeline

    Read this white paper to learn 4 strategies for automating and accelerating your data pipeline and discover how Qlik’s modern data integration platform can help.


  • Q&A: 10 data virtualization questions answered

    If you are considering data virtualization for your business, it's important to get the answers to core questions. In this white paper you will gain essential knowledge about data virtualization, including answers to 10 common questions.


  • Analyst Report: Deep Dive Data Warehouse Automation

    Access this e-book to learn what the current state of data warehouse automation (DWA) looks like, what DWA can do, and take a look at DWA tools in context with Qlik Compose.


  • Creating valuable analytics with SAP in Google Cloud

    It’s no secret that SAP customers want to take their ERP’s power to the next level via the cloud, but properly integrating these complex systems is another story. Read this expert white paper to learn how Google Cloud Platform offers significant cost advantages to SAP customers, while enabling flexible architectures and advanced technologies.


  • Use metadata management to organize data and maximize its value

    Finding, organizing, and accessing data has historically relied on manual processes—a state of things that’s unacceptable given the constant, rapid growth of data. Read this white paper to learn how you can use metadata to track and organize your data, unlocking its value without the need for costly solutions or tedious manual processes.


  • Change Data Capture 101: What Works Best - and Why

    To take advantage of modern data analytics, IT has to reinvent how they move, store and process data. And integration is a big challenge. Find out how to automate the end-to-end movement of data – in real time – from multiple sources to multiple targets. Download the eBook.


  • The path to operational excellence for digital supply chains

    The supply chain Is dealing with more volatility than ever before—especially in the wake of COVID-19. Download this white paper to see how you can apply AI, ML and automation to your supply chain to improve operations and succeed in the face of disruption.


  • Rethink data integration for the age of big data

    This expert e-guide explores the need for new thinking around data integration in a big data world, and highlights key tools that can deliver the value you're looking for.


  • Overcoming the common challenges of data modernization

    Technology currently deployed within organizations often struggles to keep up with growing data demands, and as a result, companies face increased pressure to transform how they collect, analyze, and use data. Learn about data modernization, and get tips on creating a successful strategy, in this white paper.


  • Cloud analytics integration: An integration challenge unique from the rest

    Businesses are increasingly moving to the cloud, and subsequently deploying cloud analytics and BI. But they’re finding that the data integration strategies used for system tools are inadequate when it comes to analytics solutions, and vice versa. Check out this white paper to learn how to best approach cloud data integration for analytics and BI.


  • How to stop wasting your time organizing data you won't use

    While many companies have invested in data infrastructure, few organizations have addressed the cultural changes that must be made at the same time. Innovations like data lakes have made storing unstructured data easier, but this data is too often left untended and unused. Read on to see how Domo offers a data strategy to help address these issues.


  • Agile, scalable BI, governance and visualization all-in-one

    Read this white paper to see how Domo can complement your existing infrastructure investments while handling data governance, dashboard deployment and still keep everything agile and scalable.


  • It's complicated: how data integration lies at the heart of evermorecomplex data architectures

    Data integration and preparation remains the knotty problem at the heart of many data management and business intelligence programmes.Demands on IT leaders in user organisations – especially large, complex ones – are and will continue to be equally complex and pressing as boards look to get business value from data. Read more in this e-guide.


  • Overview of TIBCO’s data virtualization

    Tune into this video to learn about TIBCO’s data virtualization and how it can empower your team and users to access data across the network and query it as if it was centrally located.


  • Data integration accelerates cloud data warehouse productivity by 400%

    Cloud data warehouses are key to digital transformation because they require no hardware, are infinitely scalable, and you only pay for resources you consume. Download this Nucleus report to learn how Qlik Data Integration, when used with cloud data warehouses, can massively improve the productivity and ROI of your most critical analytic projects.


  • Data integration to support modern BI and advanced analytics programmes

    In this e-guide we discuss why data integration and preparation are the unsung heroes of modern BI and advanced analytics. More so than ever, it would seem, due to the ever-increasing volume and variety of data.


  • The modern analytics lifecycle and how to embrace it

    Bettering your analytics initiatives requires that you thoroughly understand the modern analytics lifecycle, what stage your business is in, and how a modern data platform can help you improve your analytics. Read this Radiant Advisors report to learn more, and see what a modern analytics architecture looks like on Azure or AWS.


  • FAQ: Hadoop for BI and Analytics

    Because it's a relatively new technology, Hadoop is surrounded by many myths and most IT professionals have little to no experience with the big data platform. This expert E-Guide aims to dispel common Hadoop misconceptions and offers advice for how to utilize it to drive big data analytics success.


  • Learn what building a BI-empowered company entails

    It’s no longer a question of whether or not data has significant business value; now, companies have to translate that data into real insights. Often times, the barriers to insight are more cultural than literal. Read this e-book to learn how you can evolve your business to see better ROI on your data initiatives and create data-driven BI.


  • How AI can benefit insurance companies

    The insurance industry is rapidly transforming; with the advent of AI and machine learning, much of the risk assessment and day-to-day business process can be automated. Read this white paper to learn how TIBCO’s data science and AI platform can integrate with a variety of existing features improve your data science initiatives.


  • The ins and outs of data cataloging and adoption

    Download this 451 Research report to dig into the ins and outs of data catalogs. The details covered inside include current catalog usage and adoption plans, a view of the data catalog provider and product landscape, and more.


  • Extracting the hidden value in your organization’s data

    Businesses know their data is a hugely valuable asset, and they take steps to store it and protect it accordingly. But using it is a whole other issue. Read this white paper to learn how you can use a data integration platform to compliment existing IT investments, better integrate analytics into your decisions, and do more with your data.


  • 5 cost-effective open banking building blocks

    Read this paper to discover five cost-effective open banking building blocks that can empower your business with agility and self-service data access.


  • Unified communications etiquette guide: What to know, what to avoid

    This e-guide takes a close look at UC etiquette: what you should know and what you need to avoid. Uncover the different types of strategies, applications, platforms and models you’ll need to help your organization streamline business processes with collaborative communications.


  • 7 big shifts for CIOs

    With all eyes on digital transformation, CIOs are now responsible for bringing revolutionary customer experiences to life. In this guide, learn how CIOs and customer experience alike can benefit from a hybrid integration platform—and what exactly that entails.


  • Data governance and data management as tools to control huge data growth

    Read this white paper to learn how you can tackle rising data volumes by combining data governance and data management in an automated manner, allowing you to improve data quality, analyze metadata, better prepare data for business users, and more.


  • The ultimate guide to data preparation

    Poor data equates to wrong decisions, bias in the AI algorithm and flawed decision-making. What's more, data that personally identifies an individual can only be used in very specific ways, as stipulated by GDPR. Read about data preparation in this e-guide.


  • Explore the unique, potent possibilities of Delta Lake

    Download this e-book series to understand the unique capabilities of Delta Lake, explore common use cases like streaming and learn how Delta Lake delivers substantial performance improvements for its customers.


  • Top Cloud Data Warehouses for the Enterprise: Amazon vs. Azure vs. Google vs. Snowflake

    Modern cloud architectures combine three essentials: the power of data warehousing, flexibility of Big Data platforms, and elasticity of cloud at a fraction of the cost to traditional solution users. But which solution is the right one for you and your business? Download the e-book to see a side-by-side comparison.


  • What to know before using iPaaS

    The different forms of application integration, EAI/ESB, point-to-point, file export and import, etc., all have their place depending on your requirements. But before making a decision for your integration needs, consult this guide on Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) find what will work best for you.


  • Rating 8 popular data virtualization tools for efficacy and ease of use

    To help you choose the right data virtualization solution, GigaOm put together a data virtualization radar—evaluating some popular solutions for their features like advanced data discovery, data governance, and semantic data layers. Access the report to learn which solutions excel when it comes to integration, ease of use, cloud support, and more.


  • Optimize SQL Server for big data with Dell solutions

    Microsoft’s SQL Server is a database management system that is well suited for handling big data demands. But you need to ensure that your DBMS is operating on the right infrastructure to enable real-time analytics, improve data integration, and more. Read on to learn how Dell provides the foundational solutions needed for big data innovation.


  • Unlocking Mainframe Data for Modern Cloud Uses

    Mainframe computers deliver mission-critical applications with strong performance, reliability and security. But unlocking insights comes at a cost. Are you looking to extract more value from your mainframe data – while offloading processing to less expensive platforms, like the cloud? Modernize your mainframe – and take advantage of the cloud.


  • APIs: The missing link to digital transformation

    Organizations that are serious about digital transformation need to have structured, documented, and governed processes for assuring that all their data is trustworthy. The use of APIs enables developers to do just that and more. Explore how APIs make digital transformation possible in this guide.


  • What is streaming analytics? Your market guide

    While data streaming is nothing new, most data scientists work on data at rest. But performing analytics in real-time as data is streamed can save your business time, and ultimately money and effort. Read on to learn more about streaming analytics and how to make this concept work for your business.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to big data

    Companies are switching on to the advantages of big data. In this 13-pagebuyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at data analytics, how to get value out it and the benefits of process mining.


  • Trends in business intelligence

    Several important technology changes, social trends and customer needs are driving the future development steps and functionality of Business Intelligence solutions, this report from Birchman reveals.


  • Presentation Transcript: Managing IT Resources in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

    This presentation transcript defines the key challenges of managing IT resources in a hybrid cloud model and some ways to overcome them.


  • Why others fail—and how you can succeed—with advanced analytics

    Advanced analytics have become a hot topic for businesses, but although they have a reputation as next-level solutions, they can also be challenging to implement and use. Download this e-book to learn how to pair the right data management tools with your advanced analytics solutions, and truly use data to elevate your company’s performance.


  • Why embedded analytics is driving retail forward

    Embedded analytics has emerged as a must-have for many retail giants because of the ease with which it provides critical visibility into operations. Check out this white paper for a look at Qlik’s embedded analytics platform and to learn how to build and customize your dashboardwith ease.


  • Expert insight: Digital transformation in distribution

    Download this eBook to review insights from Sage and IDC on the status of digital transformation in distribution, as well as tips for success.


  • Google's guide to building agility into apps and infrastructure

    Google strongly believes that effective and innovative team success comes down to three fundamentals: 1. Agile teams and technology 2. Data-driven intelligence 3. A culture of collaboration and innovation. Now, with this guide, your team can try out these principles for yourselves. Save the guide here.