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CSO Insights Summary Report: The Impact of Sales Process and CRM on Optimizing Sales Effectiveness

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Why sales CRM tools are gaining traction

For small businesses, aligning sales processes and training sales reps are business imperatives from the get-go.

To take it one step further, small businesses are using sales CRM tools to shorten sales cycles, cut costs, and integrate sales, support, and messaging.

Learn which CRM tools are at the forefront in this article.

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  • MSP sales and marketing best practices, revealed

    The sales and marketing operations of MSPs can be extraordinarily complex, even by the standards of an industry already known for its complexity. For many MSPs, getting the initial processes deployed—and deployed correctly—is crucial to ensuring long-term sales success and eventual scalability.

    Dive inside this article to uncover best practices for MSPs, designed to augment and increase the scalability of marketing and sales processes, including:

    • How to identify the correct customers.
    • How to develop and stick to the right sales processes.
    • And more.

  • The next generation of CRM is…

    When a company scales, a single, central solution for business applications and processes can do wonders. Instead of relying on multiple siloed tools, scaling companies can benefit from the integrated, 360-degree view of customers that CRMs can offer.

    Freshsales, a cloud-based sales CRM software, was recently recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automtion. Learn about the next generation of CRM—read more about Freshsales here.

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    Customer experience management (CXM) goes beyond CRM and shows you what customers need right now, and in the future—and helps you provide it in real time, at scale and across every channel. Download this Experience Essentials guide for tips on getting started with CXM and delivering the right content for every moment.


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    Your workforce needs to collect, analyze and visualize customer/client data at a near real-time response rate to remain competitive - this is the benefit of embedded analytics platforms. Read this white paper to learn about Qlik Solutions for embedded analytics.


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