CW EMEA - April 2023: Under attack and stressed out

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In this month's CW EMEA, we look at how cyber attacks are taking a toll on security professionals, damaging their mental health and forcing some to quit. We all know how stressful the IT profession can be. Organisations across the private and public sector are heavily reliant on IT and the failure of certain systems can be catastrophic. When you move into the realms of cyber security, stress levels are multiplied a few times over. Keeping up with well-resourced adversaries, who are attempting to at a minimum embarrass and at the maximum destroy, can cause stress like that experienced by soldiers in a war zone, according to one expert in the Netherlands. Sander Hofman, manager of sales engineering at Mimecast, says research commissioned by the company shows a quarter of cyber security professionals change jobs frequently because of burnout. We also look at Finland's allure for tech entrepreneurs, how software is enabling a new business model for a Swedish car manufacturer, and the importance of backup testing. Read the issue now.

Apr 12, 2023
Apr 13, 2023
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