What you need to know about VM backups

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Chances are your VMware environment has grown in fits and starts over the years. You've probably got VM farms in your data center and in the cloud. Maybe you also have conventional physical servers as well. All of that makes for a complex data protection challenges. Our 21-page guide to VMware backup will help yoo sort out your options to create a data protection architecture that can handle your day to day data losses from inadvertent deletions and failed drives, but also set you up for disaster recovery. Just take our short survey on your data purchase plans and get instant access to this valuable guide.

You'll learn how to focus on recovery tasks. You'll get a good grounding in the differences between host-level and guest-level backup, and what role changed block tracking plays. And you'll gain insights into how to meet improved recovery time objectives and achieve better service level agreements. Take this brief survey now and get started on your next backup plan. 

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Dec 29, 2021
Dec 29, 2021

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