How Dell and NVIDIA helps one cinematographer stitch for high-resolution

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Desktop systems managers are used to periodic quantum leaps in performance requirements. Video went from hi-res to 4k to 8k, and now creative pros like cinematographer Phil Holland are pushing into editing stitched together files that can be as high as 32k. Finding affordable and available systems that meet those requirements is a challenge. Our new free report on Holland's solutions will point you in a viable direction. It's yours now if you take our short survey on your PC hardware purchase plans.

Learn why 8k may not be the ceiling your creatives are working to. And how GPU-based workstations can handle very large files without cripplingly long render times. This free report gives you insights from a top pro on what it takes to build a world-class video editing workstation. Take our brief survey and it's yours, now.

Dell Technologies & NVIDIA
Nov 18, 2021
Nov 24, 2021

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