Dell Precision Workstations vs. Apple MacBook Pro: Who will come out on top?

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While Windows desktops and laptops have long been the corporate standard at most companies, IT often has to support Mac OS devices for creative and other specialized staff that require high-end graphics and other features these workers require. A new report from Dell shows how its Precision 17" laptop can go head to head with MacBook Pro 16s for these workers. It's yours for free if you take our brief survey on your desktop purchase plans.

You'll learn how the two devices compare in terms of compute power and graphics display. Find out how they also compare in connectivity and expandability -- USB ports, audi connections, and SD card support. Creative workers often place a high value on aesthetics as well, and you'll get insight into how the two systems compare visually. Just take our short survey survey and get this report now.

Dell Technologies & NVIDIA
Nov 18, 2021
Aug 9, 2021

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