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Why You Need Next-Gen SD-WAN


Digital transformation and global upheaval have reshaped the business world. Companies have had to deploy cloud services, mobile initiatives, IoT projects and other programs – things that normally take years – in weeks, if not days. This has put added pressure on WANs to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s suddenly dispersed digital organizations.

Fully aware that the right SD-WAN solution can enable this change, businesses are starting to scrutinize the market to carefully select their SD-WAN partners. Legacy SD-WAN solutions can enable the move from MPLS to cut broadband costs, but there’s so much more to SD-WAN than just lowering the cost of the transport.

What’s next? A next-generation SD-WAN solution that delivers speed, lower TCO, and a rich set of security and network services from the cloud.

Get the new white paper “Behind the Need for Next-Generation SD-WANs” by Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research. You’ll learn how to choose the next-gen SD-WAN that’s right for your organization – one that enables you to:

  • Opt for application-defined networking so your next-generation SD-WANs work the way people and businesses work, not the other way around 
  • Deliver autonomous, error-free operations to enable a fully autonomous network without the need for human intervention
  • Ensure cloud-delivered services to provide infinite scale and performance

Read the ZK Research white paper today and make the right next-gen SD-WAN choice for tomorrow.

Palo Alto Networks
Aug 5, 2021
Oct 31, 2020
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This resource is no longer available.