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5G Trends for 2020


Business was set to embrace 2020 as the year that 5G took center stage with the potential of technological innovation unfolding in its wake. The COVID-19 pandemic forced CIOs and IT leaders to reprioritize their strategic focus to address new technology challenges. Yet 5G continued to progress with new launches and expanded rollouts in 2020. Business leaders need to understand the nuances of this new technology so that they can maximize its potential as they evaluate its capabilities and determine how and when to integrate it into their organizations. To that end, IDC has identified 5 trends that they see as critical to realizing 5G’s potential. Understanding these trends will help enterprises to better understand 5G’s compelling value proposition and the drivers for 5G adoption, and innovation, in 2020 and in the years ahead.

Download the full report to discover what IDC considers as the key trends for 5G in 2020. In this study, you’ll learn about the real impacts that 5G is having on enterprises, including:

• How 5G has progressed, from limited introductions in 2019 to commercial availability today.
• The importance of a 5G spectrum mix in addressing customer needs and why mid-band spectrum is so critical for delivering 5G functionality.
• Why fixed wireless access serves such an important role, particularly for certain segments and businesses.
• How other devices beyond smartphones are emerging as drivers of 5G technology, particularly for advanced use cases requiring lower latency and massive connection density.
• The essential role that mobility and connectivity play in driving 5G adoption.

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Aug 27, 2020
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This resource is no longer available.