Phishing Factories and Economies - The Real Persistent Threat

Phishing Factories and Economies - The Real Persistent Threat


Despite years of publicity and millions of dollars in employee training, phishing remains one of the largest insider threats that organizations face. Employees unwittingly give up personal and corporate information to malicious actors every day.

No longer limiting themselves to email, criminals are exploiting popular social media networks, instant messaging applications, and online file-sharing services. Sadly, criminals will always leverage current events. Akamai’s expert Security Research team has noted dozens of new Coronavirus domains are being deployed each day and we expect this trend to continue.

Defending against this dangerous attack vector will continue to require insights and modern techniques.

In this presentation, take a deep dive into:

  • The current phishing landscape and what makes these scams so effective
  • Rapidly evolving commercial techniques of attackers to improve operations, distribution and efficiency
  • Zero-day phishing detection and how it helps to fight back and reduce the impact of these scams

The presenter is Nick Hawkins, Senior Director of Enterprise Product Management at Akamai Technologies, Asia Pacific.

Akamai Technologies
08 Jun 2020
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