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AI 2020 Update


According to a recent study on the global state of the intelligent enterprise, there are some key themes emerging across enterprise AI initiatives:

  1. Culture is the biggest challenge and opportunity
  2. Predictive Analytics is a clear focus for global corporate enterprise
  3. Linking initiatives to ROI is a focus but it’s still difficult to clarify

Global corporate enterprise AI practitioners are clearly still dealing with infrastructure issues related to talent and technology – end-to-end processes remain stubbornly carbon-based and rule-based automation is not yet globally scaled across the majority of organizations.

And yet, within the AI & Intelligent Automation Network, members that have deployed Intelligent Enterprise solutions jumped from 22% to over 44% in just one year’s time, with 4 out of 5 reporting they expect to deploy AI within the next two years.

So, while obstacles to full AI transformation still remain, it’s clear that initiatives to roll out intelligent enterprises are well underway, and picking up speed. Access the results of this exclusive AI study to dig deeper into the AI-driven opportunities, trends and challenges that are expected to reshape enterprises over the next few years. 

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24 Apr 2019
31 Dec 2018
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This resource is no longer available.