Self-service analytics: How to empower everyone

Deploying Self-Service BI Tools in your Business


The beauty of a flourishing citizen data scientist culture in your business is the power of analytics and data-driven decision-making falls into the hands of each employee – not just IT or a designated team of data analysts.

This means that your sales team can view their recent success rates and trouble areas. They can see trending industry interests and use this information to better answer a customer’s needs – all from a single dashboard or interface.

That’s just one use case. What your team achieves with self-service BI tools is up to you and your business. But, as with most new technologies, implementation can be a challenge.

To help you with that, we’ve prepared a complimentary guide to get you over these implementation struggles, Deploying Self-Service BI Tools in your Business.

This guide is ready for you to read, but first we ask that you complete a BI & Analytics survey to help us grow as industry experts.

Jun 7, 2021
Feb 9, 2019

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