Seven ways to unlock the power of unstructured data

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New storage services have emerged to help IT pros maintain and deliver access to data sets, particularly unstructured data. If you're architecting a new approach to storage and dealing with various types of unstructured data storage at a global enterprise scale, we have seven advanced storage capabilities you should consider. 

The on-demand nature of the cloud has altered our understanding and expectations of IT services and infrastructure in general. More enterprises expect to obtain the features they want when they want them and to pay for those features only when and if they need them. It has altered how storage providers deliver expected core features and has led to the development of niche products. This issue clarifies the new and evolving data storage landscape to help you buy and deploy the right storage products and more easily acquire the products you may need in the future. 

TechTarget Storage
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 3, 2018
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