Modern Mobility e-zine – November/December 2016

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Workers around the world found themselves following Pokémon Go pportunities for real business use cases.ty in the workplace; in fact, there are plenty of uses for AR technology that organizatcharacters into the lunchroom and around their office parks this year. It won't be the last time we see augmented reality technology in the workplace. Manufacturing companies can use augmented reality technology to let workers view blueprints hands-free, for instance, and AR can help others gain powerful insight into how users interact with certain apps. This issue's cover story delves into business uses for AR.


Plus, learn how developers must take browser capabilities into consideration when creating web apps. In this month's Deep Dive, get to know the ins and outs of identity and access management as a service -- a technology that's becoming more critical as users are more tied to their profiles than ever. And in a Q&A with the inventor of the term COPE, learn why businesses should consider the corporate-owned, personally-enabled device model. One such device companies may be adopting is Apple's latest, the iPhone 7, featured in this month's Device Spotlight. Finally, editors look back at the big end-user computing trends of 2016 and peek at what's to come in 2017.

TechTarget Mobile Computing
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 8, 2016
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