Expert guide: The emergence of SDN within the data center

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Agility is often used as a buzzword at higher levels of an organization, but it means nothing unless IT takes the word and owns it. In many cases embracing software-defined networking (SDN) is the key to doing so. Unless you’re familiar with the technology, SDN may bring agility challenges of its own.  

This expert guide will increase your familiarity with SDN, giving you all the information you need to know whether or not SDN is a good fit for your enterprise and how you should go about implementing it. Get access now to discover key facts about SDN, including:

  • Why SDN brings agility to the data center
  • How combining SDN with NFV can help tackle agility challenges
  • What security concerns to look for with SDN
  • And more
TechTarget Networking
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 6, 2015
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