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This research from AIIM  looks at the risk profile around electronic records, the keep-all versus delete-all options, the international view of e-discovery, and the implications of social, mobile and cloud on risk management policies. The research also looks at the development of enterprise-wide governance policies, and how they translate into system strategies.


Key finding include:

  • Progress toward the “Paperless Office” is slow. For 42% of organizations, the volume of paper records is still increasing.
  • Effective information governance is crippled by poor training. Only 16% regularly train all staff. 31% do no training at all.
  • Senior management is ignoring the risks. 31% of respondents report that poor electronic records-keeping is causing problems with regulators and auditors. 14% are incurring fines or bad publicity.
  • The answer to the data problem is to let the computer do the filing. 14% are already doing autoclassification of electronic records, 37% are keen to do it.
  • Despite good intentions, the delete button isn’t being pressed. Electronic records aren’t being deleted even when retention periods are set.


The survey was taken using a web-based tool by 548 individual members of the AIIM community between January 18, and February 11, 2013.



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Jun 3, 2013
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This resource is no longer available.