Taking Advantage of Multicore/Multiprocessor Technologies to Meet Today's Storage Needs

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You don’t have a choice anymore: You have to reduce storage costs in the face of continued increases in capacity requirements and urgent needs for I/O throughput.

Oracle and Intel have been working together to ensure that Sun ZFS Storage Appliances are optimized to meet today’s storage challenges by leveraging the capabilities of current and future Intel Xeon processors. One key result of this collaboration has been the optimized use of the Oracle Solaris operating system as the foundation upon which the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance has been built.

This comprehensive white paper explores how Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliances can perform complex processing for compression, deduplication, real-time storage analytics, and other advanced data services without slowing down I/O throughput and without costing more than competing solutions. Read now to learn more.

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 24, 2012
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