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Enterprise Mobility University: Application Virtualization 101


What is application virtualization? And how can IT managers use it to their best advantage? This classroom will cover these questions with a video, two webcasts and an expert editorial tip. Topics include different methods of virtualizing applications, the pros and cons of app virtualization, application virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure, and alternative tools to VMware ThinApp.


Brian Madden Desktop Virtualization Expert and Blogger

Brian Madden is an opinionated, supertechnical, fiercely independent desktop virtualization and consumeriza­tion expert. He has written several books and over 1,000 articles about desktop and application virtualization.

Mike Nelson Contributor

Mike Nelson has been in IT for more than 20 years, with exposure to a very diverse field of technologies and solutions. He has devoted over half a decade to virtualization and server-based computing. Nelson is currently a senior analyst at a Fortune 100 company in the U.S. Midwest.

Alastair Cooke Contributor

Alastair Cooke is a freelance trainer, consultant and blogger specializing in server and desktop virtualization. Known in Australia and New Zealand for the APAC virtualization podcast and regional community events, Cooke was awarded VMware's vExpert status for his 2010 efforts.

15 Feb 2013
15 Feb 2013
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.