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Data Integration and Analytics in Healthcare: Unleash the Power of Your Information


Data has the potential to transform health care. By applying business intelligence and clinical intelligence, health care facilities of all types can reduce costs, improve productivity, simplify administrative processes and, most importantly, improve quality of care and patient outcomes. But getting there is no simple task. 

Health care organizations are generating more data than ever, particularly unstructured data, and have it spread out in different silos across the organization, often in different formats, applications, databases and systems. The challenge is to integrate all of the data – to extract, transform and load it – and then apply state-of-the-art analytics to enable health care transformation.

How can integration be achieved across your organization, and what types of analytics can be applied to drive health care transformation? This special Live Chat event will help you address your own challenges so that you can turn them into opportunities. 

Orion Health
Dec 13, 2012

This resource is no longer available.