The Secret to Simplifying Cloud Storage: A Hybrid Approach

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Remote and branch office (ROBO) storage presents unique challenges to enterprise IT and storage professionals. Satisfying the needs of dispersed end-users with limited on-site IT support while managing growth in capacity, taming complexity, and keeping costs under control is a dreadful task. Realistically, however, the greater the number of remote sites, the bigger the challenge becomes.

A new approach is redefining ROBO storage deployments, though. Leveraging both cloud and local storage, this approach can result in dramatic cost reductions and simplified management while providing end-users with fast access to files, easy recovery of backups and the ability to share files both locally and in the cloud.

Join storage analysts from Taneja Group and CTERA in this transcript of a December 2012 presentation (including webcast slides) as they explore a comprehensive approach to ROBO storage and discuss:

  • ROBO end-user storage needs vs. corporate IT considerations
  • Pros and cons of alternative approaches to managing ROBO storage, including: Traditional approaches employing local file servers and tape backup, as well as remote backup, WAN optimization, and cloud storage gateways
  • How leveraging cloud storage technology integrated with managed local storage appliances can optimize cost, performance and management overhead
  • How this approach can scale to many thousands of sites, providing speedy deployment, centralized management and ease of use for ROBO end users.
CTERA Networks
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 19, 2012
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