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Next Generation Datacentre Cycle II – Cloud findings


By Clive Longbottom and Bob Tarzey


For those who thought that cloud computing was now reaching mainstream usage, this new global research across large organisations may serve to reset views.


Although there is a degree of positive movement in end user perceptions around how cloud can serve their organisations, there is still a high degree of scepticism and misunderstanding around the use of cloud, especially as a mission critical platform.


Main findings:

  • Levels of understanding of cloud have risen – but not by much
  • The number of respondents implementing a cloud has almost doubled
  • Security is still seen as a big issue – but fewer see it as a show-stopper
  • There is a move away from homogeneity at any level towards ‘integrated clouds’
  • At a geographic level, the Nordics reign supreme. Russia languishes in a poor last place
  • Telcos led the way. Financial services showed a marked aversion to cloud computing


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Feb 8, 2021
Apr 5, 2012
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This resource is no longer available.