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By Clive Longbottom and Bob Tarzey


Analyst group, Quocirca, explains the importance of a holistic approach between a data centre facility and datacentre equipment and assesses the benefits of external data centre services.


For many organisations, ‘IT’ is split between two groups. The data centre facility is provided and managed by facilities management, while the IT equipment within the facility is provisioned and managed by the IT department.


This can lead to problems – and an outsourced, fully managed solution can allow a business to concentrate on its strategy, rather than on “keeping the lights on”.


The trend is towards a blended mix of datacentre facilities – yet each datacentre needs to be a cohesive mix of facility and the equipment housed within it.


Using a ‘one-stop shop’ for external requirements makes a great deal of sense – and could define the difference between those who use technology successfully to support their organisations, and those who end up being constrained by their lack of capabilities.


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Quocirca is a research and analysis company specialising in the business impact of information technology and communications.

Apr 1, 2021
Jul 10, 2012
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This resource is no longer available.