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This report from Cognizant offers advice on the roadmap organisations should follow to survive the Petabyte Age.


The concept of “big data” is gaining attention across industries and the globe, thanks to the growth in social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.) and the explosion of rich content from other information sources (activity logs from the Web, proximity and wireless sources, etc.).


The desire to create actionable insights from the ever-increasing volumes of unstructured and structured data sets is forcing enterprises to rethink their approaches to big data, particularly as traditional approaches have proved difficult — if even possible — to apply to structured data sets.


Usability is a factor that will overshadow the technical characteristics of big data analysis for at least the next five years. This paper focuses specifically on the roadmap organizations must create and follow to survive the Petabyte Age.


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Apr 1, 2021
Jul 10, 2012

This resource is no longer available.