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China and the US are the two countries most likely to come up with “disruptive technology breakthroughs” in the next two to four years, according to KPMG’s global Tech Innovation Survey 2012.


Nearly one third of respondents (30 percent) said China will be the future “global hotspot for innovation”, followed by the US (29 percent), India (13%), Japan (8%) and Korea (5%). The UK ranks in 11th place and was named by just 1% of respondents.


  • Europe hardly features on global map of “tech innovation hotspots”
  • 43% of respondents say tech innovation centre of the world will move from Silicon Valley to another part of the world in next four years 
  • Security and  privacy governance named as key barrier to commercializing technologies such as mobile payments, cloud computing and storage


Asked about the next technology breakthrough that will result in the greatest business transformation four years from now, 28 percent of respondents named mobile technologies, smartphones and tablets, 17 percent cloud computing and storage and 13 percent advanced IT and 3-D technology.


Security and privacy governance was named as the top barrier to commercialize these technologies (30%), followed by funding and access to capital (24%) and technology complexity (24%).


Other key findings of the research:

  • Internet companies (e.g. Google, Facebook and Amazon) were selected by 34% as key industry players that will lead the mobile payments market share over the next two to four years
  • Companies most often cited as driving disruptive innovation: Apple (39%), Google/Baidu/Yahoo/Comcast (24%) and Microsoft/Oracle 20%
  • Innovation Management:  CEO was seen as the role with the main responsibility to drive innovation by 29% followed by the Chief Innovation Officer (20%)
  • Revenue growth (53%) was selected as the leading metrics used to measure the value of innovation
  • R&D was selected by 38% as the top area where innovation can be spotted and nurtured
  • Financial incentives the top approach selected was thought to be the most effective way for an organization to motivate its employees to be innovative (39%)


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Jun 27, 2012
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This resource is no longer available.