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By George Appling and Wayne White


Tablet devices will give enterprises a competitive advantage according to this in-depth report from Booz&Co.


The enormous popularity of tablet computers among consumers is forcing enterprises of all sizes to accept them as part of their technology arsenal as well.


While companies bought just 5 percent of all tablets sold in 2010, that figure is expected to double, to 10 percent, by 2015.


So far, much of this activity has been driven from the top down, beginning with top executives and board members of large enterprises.


But that will likely change soon, as the productivity gains from new ways of using the devices become clearer.


Device makers who wish to compete in the enterprise market, however, must offer the right combination of advanced features, if they are to attract the attention of CIOs.


Meanwhile tablet prices will come down, security will be improved, and a wide variety of software will become available to create as well as to consume content.


We expect that the productivity gains to be had will be significant—indeed, companies embracing tablet computers early will soon be seen as having a distinct competitive advantage over their slower rivals.


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Jun 27, 2012
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