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Smart Cities: The anywhere working city


The concept of the Anywhere Working City is a highly livable, polycentric megapolis driven by societal expectation of a different way of working, shopping and living, and enabled by new architectures of building, technology and transport.


Nomadic workers looking for workspace between head office and home will use innovative third space hubs at networked foci around the city and beyond. Pioneering developments in historic cities such as London and Manchester are learning from the boom in emerging cities like Qatar and Shenzhen; that technology, power and transport must be at the foundation of the planning and development process.


The evolution to an Anywhere Working City is driven by over-crowding, environmental concerns, economic factors and society’s desire to work and live in a more balanced way. It’s motivated by the need to save money, comply with stricter environmental legislation and compete for the next generation of employees with demands of a better way of working.


But it is technology that underpins all of these factors. Although technology is the biggest achievement of our generation, it is the expectation of the next generation. Technology is the facilitator of the Anywhere Working City. The city will emerge as a people-focused metropolis embracing the potential of technology and enhancing the lives of its citizens.


This report is written by Microsoft.


Feb 8, 2021
May 8, 2012
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This resource is no longer available.