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The majority of people responding to this  Accenture survey say they would use digital services if offered by government, especially for routine transactions.


And over half want to conduct all their government business digitally in the future. The biggest challenge for government is not catching up with the private sector—it’s giving digital citizens what they want while using digital channels to improve public value.


Accenture surveyed more than 1,400 people in an online survey. Respondents included people living in urban,
suburban and rural areas in Australia, France, Germany, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.


U.K. Findings:


  • About 65 percent of citizens in the United Kingdom use a website or portal to interact with the government; only France (64 percent) and Germany (58 percent) are lower.
  • But 66 percent would use electronic renewal alerts and 60 percent would be willing to receive electronic emergency alerts through digital channels.
  • Only 35 percent prefer postal mail for bill payment and tracking, and 58 percent support a digital post.
  • About 50 percent surveyed said they would use social media to contact a government official to resolve a problem and 52 percent said they would use a mobile website or apps.
  • Less than one-third perceived no barriers to digital interactions with government, but an almost equal amount (30 percent) said the biggest barrier to increased digital interaction is the concern that the government would have too much personal data.


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May 2, 2012
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This resource is no longer available.