ZoomReader and ABBYY OCR: Mobility For Low Vision iPhone Users

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Although portable devices had been available for magnifying text, and even for converting it to speech, their bulk and high price made them difficult to use and unaffordable for many. Now, with the introduction of smart phones, there are new text recognition technologies available for mobile developers to turn mobile devices into assistive tools for visually impaired users.

Read this case study to learn about the ZoomReader application – an app that leverages the ABBYY OCR mobile software toolkit to extract text from images and read back the information using a natural sounding voice. ZoomReader isn’t just for books. It can be used to read small print on a receipt, box, menu, or pill bottle – wherever there’s small text that’s difficult or impossible to read for the end user.

Feb 8, 2021
May 4, 2012
Case Study
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