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This is the latest of the series of Information Security Breaches Surveys, carried out every couple of years since the early 1990s.


This year’s results show that security breaches remain at historically high levels, costing UK plc billions of pounds every year.


A big driver of this is the continuing escalation of cyberattacks. The number of significant hacking attacks on large organisations has doubled over the last two years.


We’re also seeing many data protection breaches, data loss events and computer frauds, particularly in organisations that haven’t invested in staff education.


Most serious breaches result from failings in a combination of people, process and technology; it’s important to invest in all three aspects.



  • One in seven large organisations has been hacked in the last year
  • The average large organisation faces a significant outsider attack every week - small businesses one a month
  • 20% of organisations spend less than 1% of their IT budget on information security
  • Customer impersonation up threefold since 2008 – financial services affected most

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Infosecurity Europe carried out the survey, and PwC analysed the results and wrote the report. The department for Business, Innovation and Skills supported the survey.

Feb 8, 2021
Apr 24, 2012
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This resource is no longer available.