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With the persisting uncertainty of the global economy and the heightened anxieties around the Eurozone, this Business Leaders survey portrays the very real issues CEOs are facing within business.


This wide ranging report lists business priorities across a wide range of geographies and industries, and assesses CEO’s view on the economy.


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In the technology industry, companies in Europe and the Middle East (59 percent) regard data privacy and security as a back office requirement rather than a strategic issue to be communicated and leveraged with clients.


Just seven percent of senior technology company executives said that "addressing risk throughout the organization" is a priority issue for their business right now.


According to the survey the top five top priorities for technology companies in Europe and the Middle East are:


  • Looking for growth in emerging markets -  36%
  • Improving cash and working capital management - 33%
  • Innovation through  product development - 32%
  • Exploiting growth opportunities through successful transactions - 31%
  • Managing and retaining the right people within the organisation - 30%


The importance of people to their organization was named as a top priority for the first time by tech executives; the overwhelming majority (83 percent) of them also said that businesses must be able to demonstrate robust succession planning around key posts and key talent.

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Mar 16, 2012

This resource is no longer available.