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In the three and a half years since the launch of the Apple’s App Store, the mobile world has become an appcentric one.


The confluence of App Store and IPhone 3G provided the catalyst for a trend which simultaneously drove the creation of a mass consumer smartphone market, revitalised and enervated content developer space and effected a fundamental change in the mobile content value chain.


In addition, the emergence of a consumer tablet marketplace on the back of the smartphone’s success provides yet more opportunity for app developers – and storefront providers.


While mere statistics do not fully demonstrate the sheer scale of this transformation, they are nontheless startling.


In January 2011, Apples App Store passed the 10 billion download mark; the same cumulative point was reached by Google’s Android Market eleven months later.


Globally, around 30 billion apps were downloaded to smartphones, featurephones and tablet in 2011.



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This resource is no longer available.