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By Andy Mulholland Global Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini


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Cloud confusion stems directly from the muddling together of two completely different perspectives on cloud services:

  1. ‘Inside-out’ – cloud enhancing the operational capabilities of internal enterprise IT and supporting the ‘Back Office’
  2. ‘Outside-in’ – cloud empowering organisations to do business with the external world and supporting the ‘Front Office’


For each of these two models – ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’ – the business requirement is different, the area of use (front office or back office) is different and above all the technology is different too.


Blurring of the lines between these two very different models lies at the heart of ‘cloud confusion’ and is frequently reinforced by technology vendors pushing their products rather than business solutions.


To benefit from cloud, organisations need to consider ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’ approaches in tandem, taking a holistic view across all the functions of their organization and perhaps those of other companies, agencies and partners.


A cloud strategy is far more than a technical strategy, it is a strategy for the transformation of the entire enterprise. It involves business people in new roles demanding a revolution in business capabilities as well as the existing people and roles looking to carry out the ongoing evolution of operating efficiency.


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This resource is no longer available.