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Learn how you can empower your employees to make the most of big data and data analytics in this executive guide from the Corporate Executive Board.


Executives around the world are realizing that we have entered a new era in decision making. Our abilities to store, access, and analyse vast amounts of information have grown exponentially across the past decade.


However, even as companies invest eight- and nine-figure sums to derive insight from information streaming in from suppliers and customers, less than 40% of employees have sufficiently mature processes and skills to do so.


There is an odds-on chance that, right now, someone in your organization is about to make a poor decision based on data that you have paid enormous amounts to gather and assemble.


To give executives precise and practical guidance on how to enable employees to make better decisions by adding big judgment to data, The Corporate Executive Board’s IT Practice built an “Insight IQ” index to measure the analytic maturity of employees.


Insight IQ measures an employee’s ability to find and analyze relevant information to make better decisions. Using this model to survey 5,000 employees at 22 global companies, we help leaders overcome the insight deficit—and the benefits are significant.


Functions with the highest Insight IQ performed, on average, 24% better than their peers across a wide range of metrics, including effectiveness, productivity, employee engagement, and market share growth.






Feb 8, 2021
Sep 5, 2011
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This resource is no longer available.