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Download this report from Accenture to discover the 6 key IT technology trends that will impact CIOs in 2012.



Context based services


A surge in context-based services is imminent, enabled by the convergence of and easy access to many sources of contextual information, including soaring smartphone usage, the expansion of cloud computing, an explosion of social media participation, and the development of powerful tools for aggregating and analysing multiple forms of data.


Industrialized Data Services


The true value of data – from both inside and outside their organisations -- will be realized when it is shared freely. To do that, data is being decoupled from applications and no longer owned by a single business. Organisations will start to think in terms of industrialising the sharing of data.


Social-Driven IT


Social media will no longer be just a “bolt on” marketing channel for organizations. They are becoming powerful catalysts that are changing the ways customers, employees and partners use technology to interact with the world around them.


PaaS-Enabled Agility


IT leaders that try to select a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) architecture based on what they think will “win” or view ‘as-a-service’ platforms as only cost-saving measures may not be seeing the total picture. Instead the report emphasizes the need for agile PaaS.


Orchestrated Analytical Security


Companies are more “connected” than ever—not only through the Web and mobile devices, but through other non-traditional routes, most notably in the physical world. The good news is that taking a data-centric view toward security – and running the equivalent of analytics-driven security – will help combat the risks.


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This resource is no longer available.