Computer Weekly - 10 January 2012: What’s in store for IT this year?

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In this week’s issue of Computer Weekly, we look at the key trends and technologies that will be on IT leaders’ agenda in 2012. Our first Buyer’s Guide of the year examines how IT consumerisation will affect business technology; we look at the software licensing implications of allowing staff to use their own computing devices at work; and Home Office IT director Denise McDonagh tells us why government IT isn’t working.



What’s in store for IT in 2012?


The global economy is creating an atmosphere of uncertainty in the IT sector, but what can we expect in 2012?


Check your licensing for staff gadgets


Given the pace of change in gadgets that people wish to bring to work, IT departments need to consider whether their software contracts are compatible with bring-your-own device (BYOD) schemes. What are the issues around licensing Windows software accessed via users’ own tablets, smartphones and non-corporate PCs?


Driving a public sector IT revolution


As director of IT at the Home Office, Denise McDonagh has countless real-life examples of why the traditional approach to government IT is not working.


Opinion: Supporting user-centric computing


What can IT do to move the user centre-stage, and yet not lose control nor increase risk and costs?  One technology solution worth considering is “user virtualisation” writes Martha Bennett, head of strategy at analyst Freeform Dynamics.


Buyer’s Guide to IT consumerisation: Part one - Giving users the power to choose


There is a growing realisation that desktop computing is no longer about IT providing a set of tools for employees. Consumer technology is more advanced than desktop IT, and staff are generally more tech-savvy than previous generations. So why continue with the centralised approach to desktop computing?


Managing security in the cloud


As more businesses embrace cloud computing, information security professionals must effectively manage security compliance in the cloud.


Servicing the sizeable IT demands of students in higher education


A generation that has grown up with technology at its fingertips is forcing universities to look at technology in a different way. The hike in university fees has presented higher education with one of the biggest competitive challenges ever to face its institutions.


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