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By Andrew Buss and Dale Vile.



This research from Freeform Dynamics assess the impact of the cloud on the IT department and the way the department functions.



We’re finally starting to see a more sustained adoption of Cloud in some organisations, but what impact is this having on the IT department and the way it operates?


Key Points

  • Cloud is complementary to existing IT infrastructure and service delivery concepts
  • External Cloud services will co-exist with existing third party services in the market
  • Cloud will change the skills required to deliver IT services
  • Cloud may make life easier in some areas, but also creates challenges elsewhere
  • Without integration, Cloud is more plug-and-pray than plug-and -play


As with most things in IT, the real crunch point with Cloud comes down to how the business uses and values the service being provided and whether Cloud adoption can noticeably improve things.


When it comes down to the impact of Cloud on users and the business, the view of those who use Cloud extensively is that there does not seem to be a major shift on balance in what users expect of IT or how they are trained and supported when Cloud is factored into the mix.


In one way, this is a good result for Cloud in that it can slip in fairly seamlessly with how IT is run today and not massively disrupt things. But viewed another way this demonstrates that Cloud doesn’t “totally change everything” as many advocates would have us believe.






Freeform Dynamics is a research and analysis firm which tracks and reports on the business impact of developments in the IT and communications sectors. It uses an innovative research methodology to gather feedback directly from those involved in IT strategy, planning, procurement and implementation.



Feb 8, 2021
Jul 21, 2011
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This resource is no longer available.