Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics


Oddly enough, big data was a serious problem just a few years ago. When data volumes started skyrocketing in the early 2000s, storage and CPU technologies were overwhelmed by the numerous terabytes of big data — to the point that IT faced a data scalability crisis. Then we were once again snatched from the jaws of defeat by Moore’s law. Storage and CPUs not only developed greater capacity, speed and intelligence; they also fell in price. Enterprises went from being unable to afford or manage big data to lavishing budgets on its collection and analysis.

Today, enterprises are exploring big data to discover facts they didn’t know before. This is an important task right now because the recent economic recession forced deep changes into most businesses, especially those that depend on mass consumers. Using advanced analytics, businesses can study big data to understand the current state of the business and track still-evolving aspects such as customer behavior.

This research report drills into all the aspects of big data analytics mentioned here to give users and their business sponsors a solid background for big data analytics, including business and technology drivers, successful business use cases and common technology enablers. The report also uses survey data to project the future of the most common tool types, features and functions associated with big data analytics, so users can apply this information to planning their own programs and technology stacks for big data analytics.

SAP America, Inc.
02 Dec 2011
02 Dec 2011
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