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In July and August 2011, the Corporte Executive Board fielded the 2011–2012 IT Budget Benchmarking Survey to assess IT spending, staffing, and outsourcing levels at more than 175 organizations globally, representing roughly US$38 billion in IT spend.

Executive Summary

  • Budget growth will be scaled back after 2011 rapid rises. 2011 was a unique year for
    IT budgets. Many organizations saw double-digit increases as they addressed a backlog
    of projects built up during the recession. With the buildup largely cleared and renewed
    economic uncertainty looming, 2012 opex budgets are expected to grow by a modest
    2.9%. Capex will grow by 5.1% in North America and shrink by 14.2% in Europe.


  • Information management projects outstrip process automation projects. In 2011,
    information management projects accounted for more of the IT project budget than
    process automation. This shift is expected to accelerate in 2012.


  • A majority of organizations plan to adopt an integrated IT service model.
    Fifty-four percent of organizations plan to offer at least some end-to-end IT services by
    the end of 2012.





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Nov 21, 2011
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This resource is no longer available.