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This  Whitepaper is based on Juniper Research’s  November 2010 report entitled:  “4G LTE Revenue Opportunities: Business Models, Scenarios and Operator Strategies 2010-2015”. It aims to communicate some of the key findings from Juniper’s research into the LTE business models, as well as to summarise the usage scenarios that Juniper evaluated  and assesses  the  resulting  market opportunity presented by LTE.Juniper’s comprehensive  research programme was conducted  with network vendors, solution or subsystem vendors, consultancies and operators/service providers. We asked respondents the following questions related to LTE pricing strategies and LTE business models:

• Is the concept of ARPU as a primary measure of success dead in a 4G environment? If so, by what criteria will network operators be judged?

• How do you think operators will monetise LTE and what is the future for flat rate tariffs?

• As the number and variety of devices with SIM cards grows how do you think the business model will adapt?

• What are top 3 applications/services that LTE will provide?

• What role will Wi-Fi play in a 4G environment? How can it best be monetised?Juniper generated three LTE revenue scenarios based on a range of usage assumptions and timing, for both enterprise and consumer users of next generation 4G mobile internet service

Feb 8, 2021
Nov 25, 2010
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This resource is no longer available.