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Many organisations implement “learning engagements,” or training programmes, to increase employee satisfaction, realise better team performance, and improve communication.  But do these organisations understand the impact of these programmes beyond traditional employee engagement measures?Learning can and should be a critical business process, enhancing not only individual or team performance, but also having a significant impact on the strategic and financial goals of an organisation.  As a result, measuring the business impact of learning should be considered an important organisational strategy, moving beyond simple tools and basic assessments.In September, 2010, ESI International conducted a global survey among 412 decision makers and influencers of learning programme initiatives in commercial and government organisations.The survey examines to what extent organisations are measuring the business impact of learning. And if so, how exactly they measure business impact, and what areas of business impact are most important for proving the effectiveness of learning engagements.The survey established, at the very beginning, whether the respondent’s organisation measures business impact of learning at all.  Overall, more than half of survey respondents (50.7 percent) do not measure business impact, while the remainder (49.3 percent) says that they do measure for business impact.If they said, ‘No, we do not measure,’ they were asked to proceed towards the end of the survey where they answered the question “Why not?”  Those respondents who said ‘Yes, we measure’ completed the entire surve

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Dec 9, 2010
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This resource is no longer available.