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Sybase Mobility Guide - a downloadable book


Remember when a mobile phone did only one thing - allow you to talk to someone? Now these personal mobile devices are the force behind a mix of m-commerce services causing social and financial changes worldwide. Mobile banking for the unbanked is becoming a welcome alternative in emerging regions. Mobile phone subscribers are receiving their pay or buying livestock, and some, for the first time, are saving for a better future. Entrepreneurs are launching small businesses, and wage earners are sending money to families in their home countries with real-time remittance services.

mCommerce is encouraging creativity in developed regions as well. Subscribers are drawn to - and willing to pay for - the convenience that comes with mobile payments. Paying to park by phone is easier than finding a handful of change. Discounts and loyalty points stored on the phone are more convenient than paper coupons and plastic member cards. By interacting with customers via the mobile channel, enterprises and brands are learning more about their customers.

This guide is full of paradigm-shifting examples of mCommerce at work. For those who need and use the services that mCommerce has to offer, the benefits range from speeding up economies to life-changing improvements. For merchants, operators and banks, the new channel offers another way to grow business and revenues while meeting the financial needs of customers.

The guide also identifies the barriers to this new financial paradigm. Competition, technology, regulations and a resistance to change are slowing the speed of mCommerce developments.

Sybase, an SAP company, delivers enterprise and mobile software to manage, analyse and mobilise information. The company has a track record in the most data-intensive industries and across all major systems, networks and devices.


20 Oct 2011
10 Mar 2011
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This resource is no longer available.