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Computer Weekly is the UK's leading business technology publication. In this week's issue, we look at the challenges of bringing public services into the digital age; review two low-cost business intelligence products; and go behind the scenes with the IT team preparing for the London 2012 Olympics.

Cover story: Putting users at the heart of government digital services

Mike Bracken, the new UK government director of digital, talks for the first time about bringing public services into the digital age. We discuss with him the challenges of using the web, mobile and social media to deliver government services.

The business architect role is vital to business process transformation

If you have not yet heard the term "business architect", you soon will. Working with the firm's most senior executives, the business architect plays a key part in shaping and fostering continuous improvement and business transformation initiatives.

Olympic software engineers enter final leg of marathon IT development project

With the London Olympics less than a year away the man in charge of a core Olympics application describes the rigorous development process as well as the need for developers to "put themselves through hell" to perfect software.

The obstacles facing SME suppliers in public sector IT procurement

The government's aim to widen public sector IT procurement to include more small businesses has been widely welcomed, but many smaller suppliers still report that the reality is very different from the intent.

Opinion: Software licensing dissatisfaction reigns - even in the cloud

There are some things in life that you just have to get on with, and in IT one of those is the management and administration of software licences. Anyone with any experience of the administration of software licences will be well aware of just how complicated things can get, writes Tony Lock, programme director at Freeform Dynamics.

Buyer's Guide to business intelligence - Part two: Low-cost BI for the masses

The benefits of business intelligence (BI) are clear, but cost is a major barrier to mass adoption. We review two different BI models - one open source, one commercial - to see how they compare

From back-office to top-line sales: How CIOs are making money for their businesses

The digital age has forced businesses to increasingly lean on their IT department to analyse data, innovate technologies and maintain a competitive advantage. We look at how the CIO's role fits in the money-making mobile apps business.

IT security considerations for SMEs

At a recent Computer Weekly round-table debate, in association with Dell SecureWorks, SME IT leaders discussed the cyber threat landscape and its impact on small and medium-sized businesses.

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