Computer Weekly 2 August 2011: We examine the calls for radical reform in the relationship between Whitehall and its IT suppliers

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Cover story: Can 'rip-off IT' claims drive change in government-supplier relationships?
As MPs release a scathingly critical report on government IT, we examine the need for radical reform in the relationship between Whitehall and its IT suppliers. Calls for greater openness, more agile development and the use of innovative SMEs capture the mood of the moment, but how feasible is it that they can actually be introduced?

Cybercrime automation demands new response and new skills
Research shows that websites are hit by automated cyber attacks every two minutes, with peaks reaching seven per second. Hackers have started to use automation to bombard their targets - so how can IT managers respond?

How BPM can boost staff productivity
Mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse claims its customer satisfaction ratings jumped 25% after investing in business process management software to help staff deal with sales, queries and complaints.

Steering the CPS into the digital age
For many, the image of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is that of a paper-bound legal body unchanged for centuries. But with the drive for the service to use electronic case files by 2012, that caricature is rapidly changing, says CIO David Jones in an exclusive interview.

Buyer's Guide to Big Data
We look at Big Data - the analysis of huge volumes of often unstructured data - and discuss how to achieve business benefits without significant IT investment.

Shared services are enjoying a renaissance in the public and private sectors
In an age of austerity, shared services has become something of a mantra in the public sector - and with the advent of the cloud, companies are taking an interest too. We look at the potential pitfalls and how to craft a successful strategy.

Supplier profile: EMC
EMC has expanded rapidly from a simple storage company to a firm that adds value, but to fulfil its potential it must overcome the challenges of storage commoditisation and increasing competition. We take an in-depth look at the world's largest storage supplier.

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