Protecting Your Multi-Platform Network: The New Wave of Attacks

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The proliferation of multiple types of devices across businesses offers many benefits; desktop computers running both Windows or Mac OSX, tablets and mobile phones. The advantages and productivity are obvious. What is not so obvious, till it is too late, is how to protect your business from malware attacks?

During this session of ESET's Cybersecurity Masters series you will hear from ICSA Labs, Anti-Malcode Program Manager, Andy Hayter who will share:

  • How to protect your business across multiple platforms
  • How to streamline IT management across varied OS
  • When trying to find a product to protect multiple platforms - Does product certification matter?

Protecting a heterogeneous computing environment is no easy task because of the fact that they utilize so many different computational units and are so heavily relied on by other systems. So join us to find out how to eliminate the risk of malware in heterogeneous computing environments.

Jun 20, 2011
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