Borderless Applications and the Changing Face of Application Performance Management

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As applications become more collaborative and are accessed globally, businesses will need to ensure they are well-equipped to manage user performance and eliminate outages in order to compete. Understanding application performance and user experience for these types of transactions is critical. Today, applications have a direct impact on company revenues, customer satisfaction and brand perception. However, being able to manage the business application’s performance has become a difficult task for IT operations, due to:

  • increasingly complex and distributed application architectures
  • application usage that spans globally
  • an explosion in the types of devices and browsers.

In order for businesses to thrive and increase market share, they need to be innovative, use cutting-edge technology and market themselves in sophisticated ways. How can critical business applications be managed without increasing budgets and hiring more people? IT operations play an enormous role in ensuring business success. IT is the “mother ship” for managing the day-to-day business operations. It plays a pivotal role in helping the business change to meet the demands of today’s users.

IT managers and their business counterparts need to differentiate themselves from the competition without adding resources, and even producing more with less.

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Compuware Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 12, 2011
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