Evolve Your Sitemider Portal Security Without Breaking the Bank: How Virtualization Solves the Challenges of Heterogeneous Identity and Resource Integration

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Evolving an enterprise portal and keeping it secure is a thorny issue for most companies. When first deployed, most corporate portals work smoothly and securely, just as they were designed; but changes are inevitable—and managing these changes can be highly complex and extremely expensive.

These issues are not a result of the tools used to deploy the portal, including excellent Web Access Management (WAM) packages, such as SiteMinder; instead, they’re the ongoing challenge of integrating new applications and requirements within a heterogeneous environment.

Greenfield portal deployments are a big effort, requiring lots of configuration to secure the portal and ensure proper entitlements to resources. The identity information used to authenticate and authorize must be presented in a logical view SiteMinder recognizes. This can mean a considerable investment in custom configurations over many months, and integrator expenditures that often outpace the original software investment. This cost and effort is acceptable, however, because security is a key requirement and the integration cost can be folded into the global portal project budget.

But business doesn’t stand still: new initiatives arise and new applications require deployment. Check out this blueprint for extending your existing SiteMinder infrastructure across additional heterogeneous applications, identity sources, and constituents—in less time, with less hassle, and for less money.

Radiant Logic, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 14, 2011
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