How Security is Changing to Support Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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In the near future, it is anticipated that all aspects of information technology will be movable, dynamic, and interactive – the access, the data, the workload, and all computing. End users’ mobile devices will access and store hundreds of gigabytes of data. Virtual servers will mobilize computing power between network segments, data centers, and even outside of the corporate environment and into the public cloud, where computing power is offered as a utility.

As a result of these profound changes, all aspects of information security will be challenged and reconsidered. Traditional network security, which addressed sets of computing power such as machines and data storage as a guarded walled garden, will no longer apply. A new generation of security practices, which emphasize the dynamic aspect of computing power and data, will challenge the status quo.

However, these revolutionary changes will not take place overnight. The major challenge for enterprises will be how to proceed from where they are today, through a transitional or hybrid period, to where they will be in the future. The solution to this challenge will not be a one-size-fits-all approach; each organization will move forward at its own pace as a function of the requirements that it faces and various other interacting factors. Hence, solutions must be sufficiently flexible to accommodate this diversity. This white paper describes the evolution of these changes as enterprises adopt virtualization and then cloud computing. It then describes Trend Micro’s vision for the evolution of security as a facilitator of mobility, virtualization, and cloud computing.

Trend Micro, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 17, 2011
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